Today is my last day at my office job where I've worked almost two years. I'm sad but also ready to get the hell outta there. While there, I met some great people, learned to love tea, ate a lot of Del Taco, gave myself a bunch of paper cuts and most importantly, was part of a team that helped kids in crisis.
  1. Here are some of the artifacts that typically adorned my cubicle:
  2. Present from my work Secret Santa
  3. My shoes for when I went on walks or climbed the stairs that @mayruh24 called my "special shoes". Jokes on her cus she tripped and hurt her ankle on a walk once while I stayed safe in my special shoes!
  4. Nephew paraphernalia
  5. ...
  6. ...
  7. Tea!
  8. Soo much Del Taco consumed...
  9. Cheesy inspirational quotes
  10. Christmas present from @mayruh24
  11. This sticker from the time I attempted to donate blood and was told my veins were too small but was still given this consolation prize
  12. And my office doppelgänger
  13. You will be missed cubicle! 😔