My laptop desktop is an absolute clusterfuck of images I saved for various projects this summer. Here are a few:
  1. This summer I worked with high school students who are English Learners. Every day of the program we had a slideshow that outlined the day. This was included when we introduced graffiti to students. Students created their own tags that represented themselves and later spray painted a class mural.
  2. Students explored graphic novels as well and were asked to sketch and write their own comic strip.
  3. We also read a lot of Tupac's poetry.
  4. Thrown into the slideshow on one of those 100 degree weather days.
  5. My team on the last day of the program. I'm somewhere in the back wearing a cheesy smile.
  6. This summer I also took a class required to receive my bilingual authorization in Spanish. For the class I worked on a report on Colombia. Here is a common Colombian beverage: hot chocolate with melted cheese in it!
  7. More for the presentation, the Colombian city of Medellín during Christmastime.
  8. Had to talk about the Colombian artist Fernando Botero.
  9. The Colombian tortilla=arepas
  10. Time to delete all the pictures!