Season 3. Episode 5. Daddy's Girlfriend, Part 2
  1. I watch this episode when I'm feeling kind of sad or am in a hopeless romantic kind of mood
  2. It guest stars Parker Posey as Louie's date. She is beautiful and dark and sad and complex
  3. And the entire episode is their first night out together
  4. First, they go to a bar where the bartender won't serve Parker Posey's character because of something that happened the last time she was there
  5. She decides they don't need to drink and wander the streets of NY instead
  6. She quickly opens up to him about how she almost died of cancer at age 14
  7. They go to a vintage shop where she convinces Louie to try on a dress
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  8. She also convinces him her name is Tape Recorder
  9. They go to eat at what looks like the most amazing shop where they have smoked fish and bagels and glazed fruit and marbled bread
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  10. They help out a homeless man
  11. Louie buys him his medicine and they get him a place to stay for the night
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  12. She talks Louie into taking the stairs all the way up to the top of a very tall skyscraper
  13. When they get to the top, Louie is exhausted and feels it wasn't worth it
  14. PP's character freaks Louie out by sitting on the edge of the balcony
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  15. Parker Posey then gives this amazing monologue:
  16. "Do you know why you're scared? (Louie- cus you'll fall and you'll die) The only way I'd fall is if I jumped. That's why you're afraid to come over here. Because a tiny part of you wants to jump. Because it would be so easy. But I don't want to jump. So I'm not afraid. I would never do that. I'm having too good of a time."
  17. She finally reveals her name is Liz
  18. How I feel when I watch this episode.
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