My grandma lives at home with us. She is adorable and so are her texts.
  1. "Hola hijita donde estas, estoy preocupada porque ya es muy tarde y todo el dia no he sanido nada de ti."
    This a typical message I get from my grandma. She is usually wondering where I am and when I'm coming home.
  2. "Hola loquita no quieres que te haga tu milk sheik de platano?"
    Milk sheik de platano=banana milkshake
  3. "Sandrita por favor cuando cambies la cita diles que soy una anciana muy enfermisa y que ahora estoy con gripe."
    She had me call and explain why she didn't go to an appointment with her foot doctor after she didn't feel like going. She was fine but had me lie that she is an old lady and that she was extremely ill at the moment .
  4. "Como estaba el famoso arroz,pienso que esta bien feito."
    She thought her fried rice came out bad. It was great!
  5. "Estoy en Alb."
    She was at Albertson's