1. I was at a restaurant in LA for a friend's birthday.
  2. You know the one where they have massive portions and giant cotton candy and a mechanical bull? That one!
  3. My friends and I are eating our massive nachos when I ask my friend, "Who do you think is cute here?"
  4. She looks around, points out some guys and asks me the same.
  5. I start to look around and see... @bjnovak at the table directly behind me.
  6. I turn back around. I'm like, "OMG you guys BJ Novak is here." They're like, "Who?"
  7. I'm like, "You know, The Office, Inglorious Basterds..."
  8. They're like, "Oh yeah...that's cool" but don't seem to be geeking out as hard as me.
  9. I'm so distracted I text my best friend @abbey_bear, she says to buy him a drink!
  10. I can't do that could I? If I buy him a drink it has to be something awesome, something Office related, when I remember...
  11. Finale of Season 2. Casino night. Ryan orders a drink that is so painfully obviously for Kelly- a 7 and 7 with 8 maraschino cherries and sugar on the rim.
  12. I tell the waitress to get him that drink.
  13. She gives it to him and the waitress points to me. He and his friends start laughing. He says, "someone's been playing close attention". I try to play it cool.
  14. Then...
  15. He walks to my table...
  16. I felt like Molly Ringwald in Sixteen candles.
  17. He gets to our table and says something like "That was really cool of you, how did you remember that drink?"
  18. And he tells me he's gonna post it on Instagram and asks if I'm on it. I say yes and he tags me in the picture along with Mindy Kaling. Like we're all friends or something!
  19. I awkwardly ask for a hug like I'm thirteen and he goes back to his friends.
  20. I'm reeling the whole rest of the night.
  21. That night was one of the greatest ever! I've been obsessed with The Office since it aired when I was like 14 so to meet one of the actors was a dream come true. But what made the night truly special was that I made one of the comedy writers from that show, someone who's made me laugh countless times, also laugh. Even if it was just a chuckle.
  22. To this day I tell everyone that story. Sometimes I come off a little too strong with it and scare people away but to know me is to hear me tell my BJ Novak story.