1. My whole life I've lived at home
  2. At 27, I've worked, gone to school, college all in the same 5 mile radius
  3. As a Peruvian it's customary to live at home until you marry
  4. The American in me never wanted to do that but I did make the decision to wait until I had a career to even entertain the idea of moving out
  5. And now I'm done. I have a degree and a credential qualifying me to become a teacher
  6. So now I wait.
  7. Wait for a district or a principal to take a chance on me
  8. I've gone on several interviews, even going as far as giving a demo lesson to a group of students
  9. Walking into a bar on my way to meet friends I got the call from personnel that I didn't get the job
  10. I left the bar and immediately went to my car to cry
  11. I'm level headed, calm and have been told I have "resting bitch face". I'm not bubbly or charming in interviews
  12. Like most people I get anxious going into them
  13. It's sucks having worked so hard and then having your future lie in someone else's hands
  14. It sucks that after all my hard work I might not get a job because I might say the wrong thing or not come across as passionate which I am
  15. Waiting for you life to begin sucks
  16. I want my own place
  17. I want to have friends over
  18. I want to have guys over
  19. I want to explore a new city and be "new to an area"
  20. I want to have a bottle of wine to myself at night
  21. I want a career and a group of students to read a novel to
  22. I want a classroom of my own to decorate with posters of JK Rowling and Sandra Cisneros
  23. I want to a group of students to read The Princess Bride to as they listen in excitement as Princess Buttercup declares her love for Westley
  24. As the beginning of the school year fastly approaches I start to panic
  25. Get sad. Write lists to make myself feel better.
  26. Apply to one more school district online
  27. Hope things will go different.