Steve Carell is by far my favorite actor! I've always said that meeting him would be the happiest day of my life. Better than my wedding day and the birth of my children.
  1. Dan in Real Life
    Love love this movie! It really does feel so real. The conversations and emotions don't feel scripted and the scenes explore all the wonderful and horrible ways love can make you feel. Having an immediate connection with someone and not being able to act on it. Feeling like the only person who is going through a hard time. Finally, accepting that you can't plan everything that will happen in your life. "Plan to be surprised."
  2. Crazy, Stupid, Love
    I am a very emotional person and watching this movie has me crying for Steve Carell and wondering why love has to be so cruel sometimes!! I never saw the twist coming either and I literally screamed when it happened. (I'm not crazy).
  3. Little Miss Sunshine
    Anyone who says they don't like this movie is not a person I want to associate with. Life sucks and a lot of the time you just have to suck it up and enjoy the little moments knowing your family is there to help you through it. And even more important: laughing and dancing are the best medicine!!
  4. The Office
    I know this isn't a movie but it is my favorite tv show. Ever. I've watched it many times through and each time I laugh like its the first time I've seen it. I want a boss like Michael Scott!