St. Paul, Minnesota is a great place to live when it comes to eating amazing food. I like to consider myself an adventurous eater and I love to support Minnesota restaurants. However, now that I have the flu all I can think about is how hungry for these restaurants. What other restaurants are in the area that blow people's minds?!
  1. Taste of India: Maplewood's best restaurant. Possibly the best restaurant in the world. The servers know my family and me because we love going their so much! Their lunch buffet is my heaven and my plate is always overflowing with all the curries they make. My mouth is watering thinking about it!
  2. iPho: University Ave with the best Pho. The price is very reasonable, the servers are extremely friendly, and the food is exceptional!
  3. Punch Pizza: this pizza is the closest you can find to pizza from Italy. Same people who opened Caribou Coffee and truly care about their employees which makes me respect them even more.
  4. Pad Thai: amazing food in Grand Ave. I love curry and fried rice so when I saw they have curried fried rice I fell in love! Anything you choose off the menu is amazing!
  5. The Nook: this tiny restaurant is amazing with a great selection of burgers that will blow your mind! The atmosphere in the basement is really fun and I've never had bad service there.
  6. The Oasis Cafe: not in St. Paul but my hometown Stillwater. Has the best breakfast food! I once strayed away from my favorite over easy eggs with hash browns and bacon and got corned beef hash. Best. Decision. Ever. It was homemade!! I actually tasted the corned beef instead of the pathetic ground beef. I'm very passionate about it!!