Helena Myers is a saint in her own nonreligious, quirky way. She has been one of the most important role models in my life and always will be.
  1. She is a feminist
    She has always told me I can be anyone I want and nothing can hold me back. I've lived with that reminder that I am a strong, capable woman because she is such an empowered woman.
  2. She is opened minded
    I've found this trait to be surprisingly rare. But she accepts anyone and everyone for exactly who they are and I adore her for this. I can make mistakes and she still loves me no matter what.
  3. She is an artist
    Her creativity makes her who she is. Her house has sculptures she created around her house and decorated inside with her paintings. I can't wait to hear my future house decorated with her artwork.
  4. She is fun
    I have had fun with my Granny throughout my entire life. Swimming every summer in our favorite lake, hiking around we her property, and laughing with her in the late hours of the night over a bottle of wine. She is an amazing person who I makes me feel so incredibly honored to know and gave a special connection with.