Sorry for the delay. Thanks for the request, @dad3
  1. One regret
    Not focusing on maintaining my strength and stamina whilst undergoing chemo and radiation. I knew I would lose ground, but I became way sicker than anyone expected. I just gave up. I should have walked every day and done some yoga to help with relaxation and strengthening.
  2. One moment of pride
    I've hinted at this in a past list. My 17 year old nephew was recently a guest composer at the Indianapolis Philharmonic. He was invited to their 75th anniversary performance because they were playing a piece he composed while a sophomore in high school. I was able to attend the concert. He was invited on stage and asked to explain his inspiration. Fans rushed to him after to ask him questions. The music was beautiful and moving. It was a truly great moment to witness.
  3. One goal
    To be an athlete again. See above, I'm still working on building back my original strength and stamina. Three years later and I feel like I've barely made a dent.
  4. One dream
    How is this different than a fantasy? I'll go maybe a different route? If I remember a dream, it's because I'm experiencing anxiety. I'm either at school or prison and I have to poop but the bathrooms have no doors. I also have no idea where my classrooms are and what the test material is.
  5. One fantasy
    To win $1.2B in the Powerball. I have ridiculously detailed plans of what I would do with this money. That may be for another list.