Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. January: Reading all the books I got for Christmas.
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  2. February: Every desk needs a Groot.
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  3. March: Washing the winter off my car.
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  4. April: We moved into a new apartment!
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  5. May: Vacation to Portland!
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  6. June: A campus full of geese (goslings?) at work.
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  7. July: Sometimes I'm a stage manager and sometimes there are a lot of cues.
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  8. August: Ultimate frisbee tournament!
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  9. September: I take a lot of pictures of my cat. Everyone, meet TiVo.
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  10. October: Found these trails behind the building at work.
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  11. November: Basketball season is my favorite season!
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  12. December: No really, I struggled to find other pictures that weren't of my cat.
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