Writing this list is terrifying but I need the accountability.
  1. I've been meeting with a dietitian and naturopath for three years since I was diagnosed with cancer. (Cancer free now, yay!)
    As long as I stay active at my Cancer Center I get free access to these resources and I meet with them regularly and have a great nutrition support group that I hold dearly.
  2. I've read all the books and the entire internet on the subject. I've memorized a gazillions recipes.
    My current focus is plant-based and anti-inflammatory. I say current because who knows where science and research will take me in the future, but this is the one that outlasts all the trendy crash diet thingies.
  3. For my entire life I've avoided cooking and making good food decisions and had a plethora of excuses at the ready.
    No kitchen, no time, no energy, no money.
  4. But that ends now. Here I go!