1. Indiana Beach (There's more than corn in Indiana...sing along with me!)
    We were on a family vacation and my younger brother and I were standing in line for the carousel. I was about 9 years old and my brother was 3.
  2. I lost my brother
    We get up to the front of the line and suddenly my brother decides he doesn't want to ride the carousel anymore. I was selfish and annoyed that we had waited in line so long, so instead of walking him back to my parents I just pointed towards them and turned around to get on the ride.
  3. The panic
    I get off the ride and head back to my parents expecting my brother to be with them. They're expecting my brother to be with me. Our mutual instant horror kicks in and we all start running around yelling his name.
  4. A kind stranger
    It felt like hours but in reality was probably only a minute or two, if that. I will always be thankful to the kind woman that walked up to us holding my brother's hand. He was crying and scared, but safe and unharmed.
  5. I just now realized that maybe this is a more grounded reason as to why I hate theme parks.