My husband and I both took the next two days off work to watch the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament. I've been waiting for this for months!
  1. Six brackets are hung on the wall. Loser has to be publicly ridiculed on social media.
    We each let the computer choose one of our brackets at random. Mine is already busted because it chose Vandy as the champion. Ugh.
  2. We are planning daily walks on the trails behind our apartment to try to avoid complete atrophy during the marathon of tv watching. We also planned some semi-healthy meals so we wouldn't gain 10lbs. Then my coworkers sent me home with these snacks as a gift for my vacation.
  3. This is only the first round tomorrow! I'm just so excited!
  4. I'll be wearing these pants tomorrow during the IU game. But no listing during that game. There can be no distractions! GO IU!!
  5. And here's the first game of our vacation! Holy Cross wins for the first time since 1953! HOT DAMN I love March Madness!