I've mentioned before that I don't sleep well. I've been taking Ambien for years and I still only sleep about 5-6 hours a night.
  1. My doctor gave me a sample of Belsomra to try.
    I decided to try it once just in case it was the miracle I'd always dreamed of. I'm mostly trying to work on my sleep hygiene and not looking for new meds. But hey, free sample.
  2. I've decided the best way to describe it is that it felt like I took a tranquilizer and cocaine at the same time. (Or what I hear people say cocaine is like.)
    I felt almost paralyzed for most of the night. My chest felt heavy and my arms could barely move. My mouth was so dry but I was afraid if I tried to lean over to get a drink of water my hands wouldn't work. But at the same time my mind was racing more than it ever has. I tried all my mindfulness and meditation tricks. I could not settle down mentally.
  3. Finally about 6am this morning I was able to get up and move to the couch.
    I've been slightly nauseated all day and easily winded. I took about a 20-minute nap earlier but I'm still too wired to sleep any more.
  4. Was this an allergic reaction? Or just possible side effects?
    I'll tell my doctor about it and basically just never take it again. The commercials talk about paralysis but I wrongly assumed I would be asleep!
  5. I'm so tired.