And by holidays I mean November through January
  1. I wish I could see my family every day, but life gets in the way.
    Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, etc. give us a reason to plan more dinners and events and give us more days off work so we can spend more time together.
  2. I love buying gifts for people.
    If I had the money I would be an out of control gift giver. I force myself to wait until Christmas or birthdays. I still go a little overboard.
  3. Everywhere I go most people are in a good mood.
    To be fair, I avoid big-box stores, so that may help. But I love the collective cheer and good will.
  4. My birthday is in January.
    I LOVE my birthday!
  5. Tonight at my dad's birthday dinner my niece pointed at me and yelled, "nobody told me SHE was going to be here!"
    Feel the love! So festive.