I like to call myself the hummingbird whisperer but so far it's not catching on.
  1. Running a bookstore means lots of weird hours and odd requests
    Our building was an old downtown store front with ridiculously high ceilings. On a beautiful warm day, we opened all the doors to try to welcome customers. I was already gone for the day, but an employee called to say we had a bird in the store. Again.
  2. You can't herd a hummingbird
    It had flown in and couldn't find its way out. We were at a loss to help it. We tried many things and eventually gave up and went home for the night.
  3. I'm basically a Disney princess
    The next morning we went in early to try again. It had clearly been flying around all night, exhausted and terrified. I stood near the window with my hand open. I waited. It landed on my hand and I silently freaked out. But it actually stayed there long enough to let me cup it with my other hand and walk it outside. I was careful to not put any pressure on it. I was so scared of hurting it!
  4. It flew away and all was right with the world. ❤️