1. On a warm day in eighth grade, my boyfriend's best friend told my best friend that he wanted to kiss me. 😳
    We had been "going together" for about four months and held hands once at a football game for about three minutes. This was a big step!
  2. I was supposed to be finishing a book report on Edgar Allen Poe but convinced my parents to let me go over and hang out at his place for a little bit before dark.
    He lived down the street from me so it was easy to visit quickly.
  3. When I got there we were both too scared to do anything so we played basketball for an hour.
    I was much better than him and knocked him over a few times. Boys never believed me when I said I could play basketball.
  4. When we finished playing it was dark outside and we were standing awkwardly in his driveway for a long time. Eventually my dad drove up looking for me.
    I was mortified! I actually ran up to the car and told my dad that he was about to kiss me and told him to go home immediately. I can't believe he left!
  5. I turned around after my dad drove away and my boyfriend kissed me right there.
    I stepped back. Smiled. And vomited in his front yard.
  6. I was so embarrassed! I blamed it on playing basketball too hard and he somehow believed me.
    I ran home crying.
  7. My dad had told my mom that I was about to experience my first kiss and was not expecting me to come home sobbing.
    I told her everything and she commiserated by telling me that she threw up on her first date with my dad.
  8. I spent the next week pretending I had the stomach flu at school to try to fend off middle school rumors.
  9. It didn't end there. I continued to throw up every time I kissed someone new until college.
    It took years to trust myself and my instincts. I'm grateful for this entire experience. I know myself and my boundaries better because of it.