The songs I sing for constant rejection 🤓
  1. "I Don't Know How to Love Him"
    From JC Superstar. An all time classic and very easy to listen to (I think).
  2. "Holding to the Ground"
    From Falsettoland.
  3. "A Part of That"
    From The Last Five Years .... Which I have been singing YEARS before the incredibly disappointing movie came out. Also, I find that many pianists despise playing anything by JRB because they often can't play all the notes at the same time AND keep tempo. To their credit, JRB's musical notes are kind of an enigma.
  4. "Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair"
    From South Pacific. Super fun and upbeat. This is just part of my repertoire because my high school musical instructor told me to do so. I'm easily influenced by strong leadership.
  5. "I'm Not Afraid of Anything"
    From Song for a New World. A bit of a vocally challenging song, as you fluctuate between head voice, soprano, then mezzo-belt. But when all the notes are hit, it is so satisfying.
  6. "There's a fine, fine line"
    From Avenue Q !