...when he shouts from the bottom of the stairs at me at least twice a week "Meliss, have you seen my wallet?" Or my fave "Meliss, do you know where my wallet is?" I have a feeling I'm going to add to this list, too.
  1. [Your jeans pocket]
  2. But first of all, no.
  3. I never touch your wallet.
  4. [The laundry room.]
  5. 90% of the time I have no clue where it is.
  6. You're a very responsible human... Except when it comes to the geography of your wallet.
  7. [In the junk drawer in the kitchen]
  8. Why do you not know where you left it?
    And why does this routine often happen with your keys too?!
  9. Does a short moment of amnesia occur when your hands touch your wallet as you take it out of your pocket?
    But then again how would you know if this is happening? Ugh.
  10. [On the stove.]
  11. [On top of your nightstand.]
  12. The look of confusion on your face when I suggest "The Moon" is always worth it.
  13. [in the center console of your car]
    THIS is usually the place that the wallet is found in. Yet you still never check here first...and I still never suggest this place first, so we are even.
  14. [in a house]
  15. [with a mouse]
  16. [here or there]
  17. [anywhere]
  18. I do not like green eggs and ham.
  19. I do not like them Sam I am.
  20. Yay you found it.