All the reasons why I can't get up when my alarm goes off.
  1. It's cooler on the other side of the pillow
    A proven fact.
  2. Just need 5 minutes more of sleep! It's not like I won't ever get up.
    10 times out of 10, It's never really the self told 5 min of sleep
  3. Can't decide what to wear. So I'll take 20 min of mentally choosing outfits.
    Warning: the longer you stay in bed, the more comfy it will get. Act with caution.
  4. I can be late to what every I'm doing. Does Beyoncé care if she's fashionably late? No. Therefore I shouldn't either
    High-five Beyoncé👋🏽
  5. Well I hate leaving when I'm not really early. if leave now I would be late soooooo. Fuck it, Looks like I'll sleep in today.
    Netflix binge & last nights carne asada fries it is!
  6. I really like my pajamas. Do I even want to change?
  7. Only slept a couple hours last night, i'm suuuuuper lazy, and brushing my teeth becomes the equivalent of lifting 20 pound Dumbbells soooo,
    Pass on leaving my room today.
  8. Almost lost it towards the end. (Probably did, but you only list once) add any!