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  1. Jazz musician (trumpet/guitar)
  2. Voice actor
  3. Astronaut
  4. Amateur Boxing
aww shit get ready (this isn't in any particular order, I just think they're awesome)
  1. Spawn
  2. Guyver
  3. Megaman Zero
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  1. Kind of Blue- Miles Davis
    This album was my first introduction to jazz and i wanted to be cool and play trumpet like Miles Davis. I did play in highschool and a little in college
  2. The Score- The Fugees
    This is my all-time favorite. I can't count how many times I've played this album on repeat. "Ready or Not" it's always time for "Fugee-La"
  3. Apostrophe- Zappa
    I got my hands on this a bit after being serious about learning guitar. Anyone who's listened to Zappa knows how dynamic his style was.
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  1. Make me a delicious lasagna dish
  1. Make really awkward eye contact
  2. Painfully deliberate whether Im going to make a move or not (could take hours or months)
  3. Say some inexplicably smooth line that will make a lady's parts gush like she's been sitting on Niagara Falls
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