Albums that changed my life

  1. Kind of Blue- Miles Davis
    This album was my first introduction to jazz and i wanted to be cool and play trumpet like Miles Davis. I did play in highschool and a little in college
  2. The Score- The Fugees
    This is my all-time favorite. I can't count how many times I've played this album on repeat. "Ready or Not" it's always time for "Fugee-La"
  3. Apostrophe- Zappa
    I got my hands on this a bit after being serious about learning guitar. Anyone who's listened to Zappa knows how dynamic his style was.
  4. Fly or die- N.E.R.D
    Not sure how to explain this one, it was high school, it just happened, so what..
  5. Once again- John Legend
    Listening to John Legend helped me put into words what I wanted to say to girls as an adolescent, but I also learned how some unhealthy relationships can really mess you up especially when it's with someone who knows exactly how to push your buttons and pull your strings. "Another Again"
  6. And now rest are singles that over the years resonated with me:
  7. "My Hero"- Foo Fighters
  8. "Tender Surrender"- Steve Vai
  9. "Jammin"- Bob Marley
  10. "It was a Good Day"- Ice Cube
  11. "Portrait of Tracy"- Jaco Pastorius
  12. "Stop this Train"- John Mayer
  13. "Wah Wah"- George Harrison
  14. "Brother's Gonna Work it Out"- Willie Hutch