Questions I Have After Seeing "Steve Jobs"

Though Aaron Sorkin is one of the most talented writers today, there are a few things I'd like answered.
  1. Why are people asking Steve Jobs about his demeanor and attitude RIGHT before his big presentations?
  2. What do Steve Wozniak and Seth Rogen have in common besides being hairy and a little fat?
    Did Wozniak partake in any sticky-icky in that garage?
  3. Why have three different actresses portray Lisa?
    Go all Boyhood on the audience and just shoot the movie over 15 years. Easy.
  4. How comes Steve goes from bowtie to suit to black turtleneck?
    Dude, that's a major downgrade and you know it.
  5. Why was the movie 2 hours and 1 minute?
    Chop off a couple beats of silence, and it'll fit exactly at two full clock rotations.
  6. Where was President Bartlet in all this?
  7. Is Jeff Daniels nice in real life?
  8. Why do AMC Theatres have a bar now?
    They took out the arcade to sell booze? What a shame.