Im watching rick and morty

  1. Omfg only one minute in
  2. "Stay scientific jerry"
  3. Mr needful !!! NICE OMG DAN HARMON
  4. Pluto is a planet BITCH !!! boom
  5. This damn scene
    Really fuckd with me
  6. "YOU WORK FOR THE DEVIL " "SO WHAT" "At least the devil has a job. At least hes ACTIVE in the community"
  7. I fully back jerry in this Pluto controversy
  8. Twilight zone. Ray bradbury friday the 13th the series voodoo crap magic
  9. Mr needful reminds me so much of jude law for some reason
  10. I aspire to be Summer
    The Summer specifically from this episode
  11. Youre Zuckerberg-ing me?! Im the devil beeyotch
    BASTARD. Poor andrew garfield
  12. Were those b12 shots?