1. Back to the Future (Full movie)
    Near perfect movie.
  2. School of Rock (Full movie)
    Easy to follow character arc. Great 17 minute mark.
  3. Young Adult (Full movie)
    Heroes journey. Shows that a character doesn't always have to change.
  4. Opening scene from Boogie Nights
    Sets up ensemble cast swiftly and effectively. Establishes setting. Also, unrelated to the writing, great tracking shot.
  5. Opening scene from The Social Network
    Amazing dialogue. Characters talk to each other, not at each other.
  6. Argument scene from The Avengers
    More great dialogue and characters talking to each other. Several arguments going on at once.
  7. Silver Linings Playbook (Full movie)
    Amazing characters. Amazing everything else.
  8. First War Boy suicide from Mad Max: Fury Road
    Subtle world building/exposition.
  9. Record zombie killings from Shaun of the Dead
    Lays down the rules of the world.
  10. Cargo (Short film)
    Simple story. Character, goal, obstacle. No dialogue (kids gotta learn!)
  11. Paperman (Short film)
    Another simple character, goal, obstacle story with no dialogue. Nice pick me up after Cargo.
  12. Brothers reunite in The Darjeeling Limited
    Dialogue subtly reveals how characters feel towards each other.