I have found my social media use shifting and I really don't mind that
  1. 1. Twitter
    Is the one social media that I use daily, I think it's because I have curated what I need. On the other hand my wife calls it the weather an traffic app.
  2. 2. Instagram
    This is my number two and there is a lot space between one and two, looking at three day old news and fabulous people is a bit maddening, and the hashtags can get a bit much. But the work some people put into instagraming is worth it.
  3. 3. Snapchat
    Maybe because of my age, maybe it's my phone but really don't use this one to its full potential. But I do like following the stories of beautiful people doing the mundane.
  4. 4. li.st
    I have a warm and fuzzy feeling about this one, my love for the community and the app is growing by the hour. It is flying up the chart
  5. 5. The facebook
    My profile there is quickly becoming like my myspace page, it's still living on a server for someone to trip over something I did or said.