I find the times I get mad at things in a maddening.
  1. My foot.
    Walking is tough in the morning.
  2. Door at work.
    I know it's a push, but I have to pull just incase.
  3. Smells.
    Please wash, as one of the first people you see in the morning I beg of you.
  4. The sun.
    To bright, or not enough.
  5. Bank line.
    The stanchions are our guides, having just one long rope leads to chaos and pending riots.
  6. Wind.
    The sun and this bastard must be working together.
  7. Blow ins.
    As a clerk in a magazine store, I want to make them all burn, no one fills in the cards and I don't want them to.
  8. Candy.
    So tasty but so sticky. I must eat like a monster.
  9. Hashtags.
    News reports that have there own hashtags which make the story seem less important.
  10. I know I'm crazy but at least my anger isn't towards or about people, except for not washing your butt.