1. When Alex starts fending for himself/reading every treatise on the shelf
    A sense of forward historical momentum always gets me crying
  2. "Rise up, when you're living on your knees"
    Sucker for a revolution
  3. When Philippa Soo first "oohs" in Helpless
  5. For some reason, when Hamilton starts naming his friends who'll help him win the war ??
  6. "And guns and ships, and so the balance shifts"
    I think it's the way it's sung
  7. All of "history has its eyes on you"
  8. When everybody starts yelling "LAFAYETTE" I get excited and begin to cry
  9. Ditto "Yorktown" but especially when the battle ends and the people begin to sing
  10. Dear Theodosia specifically because she DIES IN A SHIPWRECK
  11. All of Non-Stop but especially when Leslie Odom Jr. starts bellow-singing to defend his reluctance w/ the chorus
  12. "Why do you write like you're running out of time"
  13. When Philip sings in Take A Break
  14. One Last Time, specifically the speech being read out
  15. BURN
  16. "My name is Philip, I am a poet"
    I'm crying right now just typing it out
  17. It's Quiet Uptown, especially all the walking in the garden and the whispery chorus "forgiveness"
  18. The "it's quiet uptown" refrain in The Election of 1800
  19. Eliza asking Hamilton why he writes like he's running out of time pre-duel
  20. "Best of wives and best of women"
  21. "I hear wailing in the streets"
  22. "Now I'm the villain in your history"
    Aw, Burr!
  23. "I put myself back in the narrative"