Freedom !!!! :)
  1. Read books !
    Specifically -- finish Americanah, the tiny Milan Kundera book, The Dinner, the Goldfinch, the Ta-Nehisi Coates book... Is this too much?
  2. Organize Spotify & find new music
  3. Back-up computer and organize photos/files
  4. Find good podcasts
    Download some for the flights!
  5. Exercise with mom
    Take those morning walks ! At least
  6. Confirm Telebears ...
    Just make sure you're good with those classes
  7. Fix resume & APPLY TO EVERYTHING
    Fix up resume, write up cover letters, send e-mails out to absolutely everybody, make a spreadsheet re: what Rec letters I may need
  8. Make a good shopping list for Asia
  9. Research things you want to do in Tokyo
  10. Research good birthday bars in LA
  11. Write some articles for Arts
  12. And yes, watch TV
    the Americans, the Wire, Transparent, Bojack Horseman all good options !