Just a small list of my crazy delicate palate
  1. I will drink any kind of milk. Can be skim, whole, 2% I don't care
    But I will not have cereal with anything but 2%.
  2. I only like cakes that are made from a box. Bakery cakes? Ew always too dry and too much icing -the icing to cake ratio is always off.
  3. I like bananas but I don't like things banana flavored.
  4. I love basically any kind of potato. And potatoes any way- mashed, baked, fries, etc.
  5. Eggs freak me out most of the time. I won't really let anyone cook them for me. And I won't get them out somewhere.
  6. Peas? Hell no!
  7. Broccoli raw? Nope. Cooked- yes. However carrots raw 👍👍 carrots cooked - hell no