My 6 year-old tuxedo cat Mr. B (short for Mr. Bubbles) has recently gained a new voice. He used to always be the cat who didn't know how to meow. He still doesn't quite full-on meow but he has recently learned how to make noises when he wants something. I'm going to start calling him Mr. Bossy.
  1. He only likes water from the bathtub. He doesn't drink it from the faucet but instead likes the faucet to drip onto his head and then he licks it up.
    When he's thirsty he stalks me from room to room and makes his new bossy noise.
  2. Whenever I open the freezer he shows up from wherever he was sleeping to request ice cubes.
    There with the bossy noise again. The thing is he never does anything with the ice cubes. He just stares at them and then they melt.