Topic of conversation with 6 year old son during 10 minute car ride

  1. Declaration that aliens are real
  2. Detailed description of what they look like. They are terrifying
  3. Debate if they need our oxygen
  4. New topic - declarative statement that Jurassic world is better than Jurassic Park. Clearly this is false but he came prepared with reasons to back his assertion
  5. Reason 1 - more action
  6. Reason 2 - less animal deaths.
  7. Reason. 3 - animals that do die are already dead so does not count
  8. Reason 4 - Dino fight
  9. New topic - knock knock jokes
    Made up. Not good
  10. New topic - what he is going to do this morning - eat a Muffin, play iPad, rest, play Wii, run, rest, eat something else