1. The moment I realized I was actually going to Germany for a year when I submitted my deposit.
  2. Finishing my senior thesis/capstone project on Black Germans after WWII and receiving an A.
  3. Flying over seas for the first time and missing my connecting flight. Lost my luggage on the way.
  4. Halloween night when I got locked out of Annie's flat and waited over three hours to get in only to find out that it was actually the next flat over because I was so wasted.
  5. My first Friendsgiving and probably the best there ever will be. 50+ Americans and German alike, in one flat, with tons of food and alcohol.
  6. Giving a two hour presentation during my international polisci class on Populism in Venezuela + Bolivia and having no idea what I was talking about. Worst two hours of my life.
  7. Traveling to Prague a day early because my friend booked our train too early; arrived at 12am and stayed in a random hostel in old town.
  8. Almost missing our Deutsche bus out of Prague because I brought us to the wrong train station with my stupid offline map. Skipping fair on the tram and actually running after a cab to catch our bus.
  9. Kissing under an umbrella, in the rain, on a bridge, in a park lit up with tree lights on my first date with a German guy who is still a very good friend today and one of my favorite people.
  10. Making homemade sushi at Annie's flat.
  11. Searching for the only Chipotle in Southern Germany with Angelica and almost crying because we thought it was closed (it was a Sunday).
  12. Flying with Ryan air throughout Europe and experiencing different check out policies at every airport we went to; having to pay 70€ because I didn't have a printed version of my plane ticket.
  13. Trying real African food in Germany from a restaurant called Africa
  14. Staying up until 7am to catch the bus home from WHO with my one and only Maranatha after a wonderful drunken evening at Kuckuck.
  15. Being harassed in Rome by an insane old Italian woman dressed in hello kitty and a tutu. She called me chocolata as she begged me for change.
  16. Drinking wine, snacking on fresh bread and cheese under the sparkling Eiffel Tower in Paris with Lauren.
  17. The moment I realized I had made some of the best friends in the entire world. Shout out to my CA loves.
  18. Going to Berlin alone and ending up on the same 10 hour bus ride with my holiday bf.