Things I should've done with $285 instead of spending it at Lululemon

expensive af activewear
  1. Bought a nine month supply of Talenti frozen yogurt ($288)
  2. Taken two months of ballet classes ($280)
  3. Bought nineteen paperback books on Amazon (~$285)
  4. Bought that cute skirt that was on sale and a little wallet so I'll stop forgetting my ID from Kate Spade ($215— hey maybe I could afford a new pair of sunglasses from there too!)
  5. Gotten one pedicure a week for eight weeks ($280)
  6. Bought 63 tubes of Maybelline Baby Lips ($284)
  7. Stocked three months of baby formula ($276)
  8. Taken my chihuahua in for a teeth cleaning because the good Lord knows she needs it ($250)