10 Photos From My First Year On Instagram

Inspired by @jessicaz. I used to have a shitty Samsung Fascinate so I couldn't get insta until 2012 ...ugh my over-use of filters physically hurts me
  1. 10.
    This one is just making me hungry
  2. 9.
    First post with more than one like despite being over-edited and over-filtered (I guess I finally figured out that you could use hashtags on insta)
  3. 8.
    Um okay why did I feel the need to insta this
  4. 7.
    These filters are killing me
  5. 6.
    Completely over-saturated again but I was really proud of this one
  6. 5.
    I remember being upset that the strictly square format made me crop this (this was also the height of my Hunger Games phase)
  7. 4.
    Crit from my screenprinting class in college...god my phone camera sucked!!!
  8. 3.
    Meh it's okay, still obsessed with those filters I see
  9. 2.
    I think I geotagged this later, but it's a decent pic despite some over-editing
  10. 1.
    First insta! Why would I ever have used such an over-saturated filter?!? Also, was geotagging not a thing then?