Un grand merci to @Lisa_Fav for these great Γ-versary prompts! 😘
  1. It's weird to have been here since day one of li.st going public
  2. The app has changed a lot in the past year
    And we've endured each dubious update.
  3. But not so much in other ways
  4. I still appreciate this weird little community that @bjnovak, @dev, and everyone at HQ created
  5. I've learned so much from this app
  6. I've laughed so much from this app
  7. And I've been in awe of so many people on this app
  8. My thoughts on li.st haven't really changed much since this post I wrote at the one-month mark, so here ya go:
  9. Happy birthday, @listbot ! 🎂🎉🍻🎈🎉
    Sorry to get all sappy and sentimental on your birthday!
  10. ✨💖💕💖💕💖✨