1. This Verizon flip phone
    I got this at the end of eighth grade in 2006 and I was thrilled about finally having a cell phone, especially one with a shitty camera.
  2. Samsung Juke
    This didn't last long because it was a stupid phone and broke like six months into my contract.
  3. LG enV 2
    I actually loved this phone dearly. It fell off my loft in my freshman dorm like four times without breaking.
  4. Samsung Fascinate
    This was my first smartphone, so I liked it at the time, but it had AWFUL call quality and crashed like, every app. I got it because it was cheap and kind of looked like an iPhone.
  5. iPhone 4S
    My first iPhone! This was my baby from late 2012-mid 2015 and it went all over Europe with me during my semester abroad.
  6. iPhone 6
    My current baby.