1. Feel inadequate next to the prolific and clever listappers that you follow
  2. Worry that you'll never think of a good list ever again
  3. Go through the 64 lists in your drafts folder looking for a list to perfect and think "God all of these are stupid!!!! Be more interesting!!!!! And talk about something besides The Leftovers!!!!!!"
  4. See the one list that you love but are too afraid to publish because it's very embarrassing
    And think "you'll be posted someday old friend, but not today."
  5. List about your listing troubles and how you're feeling so uninspired
  6. Start to worry that your meta list is too neurotic to put out into the world
  7. Come to the realization that maybe it's okay to tap out for a bit until you find some fresh inspiration
    Listappers are a kind bunch, they'll understand.
  8. Take a break, then come back feeling strong and full of lists
  9. Repeat cycle