Inspired by @lesleyann & @lesbian
  1. A movie poster
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    I like this movie, but I like this poster and its color scheme even more.
  2. The Bluths!
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  3. A poster from the midnight release of HP6
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    I wasn't actually able to go to this release because I was away at camp, but I still love this poster.
  4. I painted this with some leftover paint from a group project for one of my freshman seminars during college and I thought it was kinda cool, so I kept it
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  5. The antique map of France that I found at an art fair
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  6. A cork board with photos from my first trip to Europe in 2007, plus other random photos, ticket stubs, and buttons
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  7. A Degas poster I've had forever
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  8. A Van Gogh print I bought from the DIA
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  9. Another movie poster
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    From ~2008-2011 I was obsessed with Zooey Deschanel and I attribute my blunt-cut bangs at the time to her.