2. First I played with some kitties while volunteering at the cat café
  3. I bought a ticket on a whim to see Mitski
  4. She was gr8 and I literally got chillz when she sang A Burning Hill
  5. Static
  7. I went for a run
  8. Then got coffee at my new fave coffeeshop and perused a great used bookstore
  9. I finally got a bookshelf from Target for my new place
  10. And I put it together all by myself!
  11. And then I color-coded all of my books
  12. Static
  13. SUNDAY
  14. I went for another run on a beautiful morning and it felt a bit better than yesterday's
  15. Then I ate breakfast on my porch
  16. Then I went to my first hockey game
    The Red Wings lost, but I guess it was still pretty fun even though I'm not much of a hockey fan.