Into It! : Movies + TV Edition

A running for 2017 inspired by @everyone
  1. TV:
  2. Mozart in the Jungle S03
    I just want to put Gael Garcia Bernal into my pocket and carry him around with me.
  3. The OA
    I'm halfway through right now and I'm a lil meh about it but I love Brit Marling so I'll keep at it.
  4. The Kettering Incident
    Intriguing concept, cool atmosphere, beautiful Tasmanian cinematography. Just started, but it's looking like a good binge.
  5. Homeland S06
    Yea I still like Homeland leave me alone.
  6. The Young Pope
    I love/hate Jude Law, I love Diane Keaton, I love lush cinematography, and I love the surreal and weirdly funny elements of the show.
  7. Riverdale
    This show is such trash but I am 100% here for it.
  8. Trial & Error
    The Hunted from The Office is the main character and I can't stop laughing (the show's funny too).
  9. Love S02
    I was a lil underwhelmed by season one, but I really liked season two and Bertie is still da bomb dot com.
  10. Catastrophe S03
    This show always gets me ugly laugh-crying.
  11. MOVIES:
  12. Hail, Caesar!
  13. La La Land
    I laughed, I cried, it was a good time.
  14. Arrival
  15. Hidden Figures
    Again, WOWWWWWW
  16. Get Out
    Honestly I don't even like horror movies but THIS WAS SO GOOOOOOOOD. OH MY GODDDDDD
  17. MISC:
  18. S•Town