Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. Read at least 25 books
    Ambitious, but I've got tons of stuff on my TBR stack.
  2. Work up to running a 10k
  3. Work on making some new friends
    I've been looking into some Meetup groups and stuff — I just want to meet some interesting people.
  4. Save money for future travels
  5. Find a gynecologist
    Been meaning to do this for a few years now. I found a new GP in 2016, now it's time for this.
  6. Be more consistent in my skincare routine
    My skin will thank me in the future.
  7. Continue working to keep my anxiety in check
  8. Work on being more creative in the kitchen
  9. Keep fighting for my rights and the rights of others
    Donating to good causes, volunteering, contacting my representatives, and staying informed.