Memories and anecdotes from some of my favorite places.
  1. Paris
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    What a cliché, right? Well too bad. Paris is wonderful. The way the light hits the limestone buildings at sunset is just something you can't really explain (well, I suppose Edith Piaf did...). Le Musée Rodin and its gardens may be one of my favorite places in the world. I also saw a Parisian woman walking her cat on a leash while smoking a cigarette. C'était très français.
  2. Lille
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    I studied abroad here for six months during college. It's a Flemish-influenced city in northern France and it has great beer and very unhealthy but delicious local cuisine. It was here that I discovered my true love, drinking beer outside on a sunny day. It will always have a special spot in my heart.
  3. New York
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    I've been to New York many times because my big sister lives there, but that's not why I love it. New York completely has its own personality. A dirty, weird, exciting personality. My most recent trip included Coney Island, lots of ramen (the good stuff, not what you eat in college), and many improv shows. I also got my first tattoo in Williamsburg, so New York will always be a part of one of my important memories.
  4. Toronto
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    Toronto has a bad reputation of being a generic city, but it is anything but. It has vibrant, unique neighborhoods and some really incredible architecture. Kensington Market was my favorite 'hood because of the many, many thrift stores and graffiti. Bonus points for the city being on a Great Lake. Triple bonus points for POUTINE!
  5. Chicago
    I'm actually thinking about moving to Chicago, but Chicago is still great. I mean, how many cities can claim to be Ferris Bueller approved?! Anyway, Chicago has great food, great neighborhoods, great museums, efficient public transportation, and an amazing comedy scene (which is a major plus for a comedy supernerd such as myself). Bonus points for also being on a Great Lake.
  6. London
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    Ugh, London. The land of lovely accents and weird mushy food. I love London. It's a super cool city that makes you feel cooler just being in it.
  7. Amsterdam
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    I had my first experience with weed in Amsterdam, thus I will always remember this city fondly.
  8. Barcelona
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    I saw the Mediterranean Sea for the first time, my hostel was incredible, and I went to an incredible hole in the wall restaurant/cava bar in La Barceloneta with no sign or door. Fun fact: I got lost on the metro here (it was at night on the way to a bar, so my sobriety isn't to blame- just my inability to speak Catalan and me being dumb).
  9. Washington, D.C.
    DC is only on this list because I visited DC for my eighth grade class trip and the city made my little 14 year old (and future history major) heart soar. Another fun fact: I nearly got left by my group in the National Archives because I'm a huge nerd and I was looking at the Constitution for too long.