A celebration of the bit characters that brought so much texture and hilarity to the town of Pawnee, Indiana.
  1. Perd Hapley
  2. Jean-Ralphio and Mona-Lisa Saperstein
    They are the 🎤woooooorst🎤
  3. The lady that was always complaining about food that she found in the parks
  4. Ethel Beavers
  5. Mel the yelling guy
    He was always up in arms about something.
  6. Chanting guy
    Except for Turnip! Except for Turnip!
  7. Jeanine Restrepo
    The queen of the Zoning Board Commission.
  8. Dr. Harris
  9. Crazy Ira and The Douche
    The Douche has a degree in Semiotics from Northwestern.
  10. Ken Hotate
    Ken knows two things about white people: they love Rachael Ray and they are terrified of curses.
  11. Champion
    The dog world's champion.
  12. Harris and Brett
    RIP Harris
  13. Carl the park ranger
  14. Barney Varmn
    ...and that concludes a quick look and QuickBooks Pro.
  15. Orin
  16. Joan Callamezzo
  17. Trevor Nilsson
  18. DJ Roomba
    Not a person, but still very important.
  19. Li'l Sebastian
    But of course. Do you think that I would forget such a majestic creature? 🐴 💖