Inspired by @erikaaa
  1. The dream!!!!!!
  2. Duh. I don't know a thing about coding and tech stuff, but listapp is my favorite app right now and it would be so interesting to learn how it runs.
  3. Broad City
    I'd do anything if it meant that I could work for Abbi and Ilana, even if they just wanted me to clean their trailers or get them coffee.
  4. A university's study abroad office
    Study abroad was a vvvvv cool experience for me, so I think it would be cool to help students be able to have that experience, too.
  5. Last Week Tonight
    I would love to work with the undoubtedly smart and funny people that make this the best news show on tv right now.
  6. Preferably for Sarah Koenig or Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.
  7. Any publishing house
    Because then I could read books all day.