1. Seeing movies alone
    Especially matinées.
  2. Binge-watching a new show
    Currently on Friday Night Lights (despite my extreme indifference to football, this show is pretty awesome and Kyle Chandler is a #1 DILF).
  3. My dog
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    She's a fluffball who's always down for a cuddle.
  4. Traveling
    Sidenote: It's not that I have a problem with flying, but trains are one of my favorite ways to travel.
  5. Improv
    I'm not very good at it, but I still love it nonetheless.
  6. Avocado toast
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    Especially with a fried egg on top. 😍
  7. Good coffee
    Or might I say a damn fine cup of coffee?? ☕️
  8. Listing