1. Carrie & Lowell
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    I love this album so much, but it fucking wrecked me after my first close listen.
  2. Illinois
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    This was my first exposure to Sufjan and it's just loaded with heavy shit. It's a beautiful album, but heavy.
  3. The Age Of Adz
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    I know everyone hates this album, but I actually like it. But the songs about his mysterious illness are pretty depressing.
  4. Michigan
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    This album isn't that sad, but there's a few tearjerkers on this one.
  5. Seven Swans
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    This is not my favorite Sufjan album, so I don't really have much of a connection to it.
  6. Songs For Christmas
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    His Christmas albums don't make me sad at all, but I couldn't leave them out.
  7. Silver & Gold
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