Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Run my social media/email so I don't have to
    Except listapp, of course.
  2. Speak to me in French so I don't get rusty
  3. Make sure all of my shows are set on the DVR
  4. Nail care
    I'm fucking terrible at painting my own nails. I always make a mess and inevitably ruin at least one nail.
  5. Grocery shop
  6. Do my laundry
  7. Make my bed
    Basically all Sisyphean chores/tasks.
  8. Money management
    Like, however rich people turn money into more money. Alchemy?
  9. Make sure I have at least an hour of Internet-free time before bed
  10. Remind me to schedule all doctor appointments
    I always forget and/or put this off.