Is this too negative for listapp March Madness, Y/N
  1. Rando follow requests on Instagram
    This makes me vvvvv uncomfortable. NO THANK YOU.
  2. Anxiety
    We've been living together for years - it's about time he got his own place.
  3. Batman v Superman
    They filmed the fortress of solitude at my university's art museum, but I'm pretty ambivalent about yet another brooding superhero movie.
  4. Fuller House
    I guess I missed the nostalgia train on this cheese-fest. Pass!
  5. House of Cards
    I liked it for awhile but it's basically just a soapy melodrama dressed up as a shiny, prestige drama that makes me feel overly cynical about everything. HARD PASS.
  6. Mitch McConnell still refusing to even meet with Obama's Supreme Court nominee
    Contact that sucker! Elected officials have public contact info for a reason! This huge gamble he's taking with the vacancy is not going to work in his favor anyway!